Care Instructions

                                     NATURAL LEATHERS 

Leather is a natural material so therefore inconsistency of colour and texture is a unique characteristic to each of our bags. Leather is designed to age with wear and may fade and soften over time. Light colour leathers are prone to absorbing other dye stuffs it comes into contact with so extra care needs to be taken when wearing items such as denim with light coloured bags.

                                   CARE INSTRUCTIONS

Before use spray your bag with a good quality leather protector. Re-apply regularly to resist the effects of daily soiling and sun damage. Most leathers can be cleaned but take care in choosing the correct cleaner for your item. Shed Leather does not sell leather care products so consult your local shoe repair store to find the most suitable product.


On some of our more exclusive bags we have panels of cow or goat hide hair featured on them. Unfortunately it is unavoidable that the hair on these bags will eventually wear off. If possible avoid hair form rubbing against body and avoid over handling.

A Bag with animal hair should not be used as an everyday Bag unless you are willing for baldness to occur.

                                      CARE INSTRUCTIONS

Brush with a soft brush but be sure to follow hair direction. When spraying leather avoid contact with hair. Clean fur with a soft damp cloth.