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Our Story


Shed leather is a dream come true for Bag designer Debby. Being a handbag lover herself she had always thought of designing her own bag and having it made. Well that is exactly what she did.

While holidaying in Indonesia she found a tailor who would make her “Dream Bag”.

This gave her inspiration to get more creative and keep designing. Not bags just to suit her but a range of bags with ranging sizes, colours, pockets, shoulder straps length and the list goes on….

We now have a team of talented tailors who handmake our Bags with the finest craftmanship and skill. There are no large factories involved in creating our bags .

All our bags are made from sheep and Lamb leather making them extremely light to wear. Our Furs are Goat or Cow. Longer hair being Goat.

Our wild animal furs(Zebra,Cheetah,Giraffe and Tiger) are all printed Cow or Goat Furs

All these leathers and Hides are ethically sourced and are a by-product of the meat and dairy industry. This meaning the hides would have been thrown out and discarded.

Happy Shopping and enjoy your Shed Leather Handbag.